The Purpose of the Quran

The message that the Quran contains for the people, for the individual readers. What is it that God almighty wants from an individual? Why at all He send His book in the form of a Quran?

First of all it is essential to understand the style or the language that has been adopted in the Quran. What we all can see very prominently is that at first instance, the Quran does not come across as a book which provides us with technical or scholarly kind of arguments in order to establish a point. The Quran does not go into great details. It does not provide a scholarly analysis and nuanced kind of arguments in order to convey a message.

Rather a more of expression that the Quran adopts is a very compelling kind of expression. it is meant to jolt a person out of his slumber. It is a simple, powerful yet a very compelling kind of address. A very compelling and persuasive kind of manner of addressing an individual. Here we raise the question why the Quran adopts this style of address. and what does it not adopt a standard academic, scholarly or historical manner of presenting its points.