About Goodword Quran

The Word of God in Every Home
Our vision is to convey the peaceful message of the Quran to every home. We have been involved in free distribution of the Quran worldwide. So far we have distributed more than six million copies of the Quran in various languages. However, this is a gigantic task and we call upon all supporters to help us in this global initiative.

Become a Quran Distributor
Gift the Quran to students at schools, colleges and universities. You can become a Quran Distributor in your individual capacity by giving the Quran as a spiritual gift to your neighbours, colleagues, friends and relatives. You can also form a team in your area devoted to providing the Quran to people. Contact us today!

Gift a Quran to Your Friend
To gift a copy of the Quran to your friends, neighbours or colleagues, you can order a free printed copy of the Quran translation in many different languages. We ship worldwide by standard postal service.
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Translations of the Quran
So far we have published the Quran in more than 30 languages. It is our desire to publish the Quran in all major world languages. If you would like to volunteer to translate the Quran in your own language, please contact us. You can also help us in getting permission to publish an existing translation of the Quran in your language.

Quran for Every Child
It is our endeavour to introduce the translation of the Quran to children in their native languages. We provide the Quran to high school students in various countries. You can help us in this initiative so that the teenagers and the youth can read the Quran in their own language. This will help them understand the meaning of the Quran at an early age and apply the teachings of the Quran to their lives.

Volunteer for Goodword Quran
To complete various projects for Goodwordquran.com, we require volunteers who can helps us with:

  • 1. Audio recording of the Quran in various languages
  • 2. IT professionals for the development of the Quran website and Apps
  • 3. Promotion of the Quranic messages through social media marketing as well as print and electronic media
  • 4. Becoming part of our content and creative team