Welcome to Goodword Quran, a digital platform to read the Quran online and reflect upon its message. The Quran says, ‘Recite the Quran slowly and distinctly.’ (73:4) This means, read the Quran in slow, measured rhythmic tones. That is, read, paying full attention to the import of the content. When read like this, a two-way process between the Quran and its reader comes into play. For him, the Quran is an address or speech by God and his heart starts answering this address at every verse. In the Quran where there is any mention of God’s majesty, the reader’s entire existence is strongly affected by the realisation of His greatness. When God’s blessings are enumerated in the Quran, the reader’s heart overflows with gratitude; when God’s retribution is described in the Quran, the reader trembles on reading it; when an order is laid down in the Quran, the feeling becomes intensified in the reader that he should become the obedient subject of his Lord by carrying out that order.

To enhance the reading experience of the Quran, Goodword Quran provides its readers a variety of options to choose from. Whether it’s about background colours, fonts, font style, search, layout or copy/paste their preferred line or passage, readers have the freedom to customise these features and read with convenience and comfort. .

Background colour
Three background colours to choose from - white, sepia and black.

Font styles
There are five different text sizes to choose from - extra small, small, medium, large and extra large to suit your reading preferences. Although a large text size is being set by default, you can change it as per your requirement. There are also two different types of font typography available here to read the translation of the Quran. The readers can either select a Serif or Sans Serif font.

Reading options
Readers can read the Quran either one verse at a time by choosing ‘line by line’ option or one paragraph at a time by opting for ‘paragraph’ option.

The entire translation of the Quran is searchable, either using words, phrases and specific keywords.

The readers have three format options to choose from. They could only read the translation of the Quran in just one column; they could read the translation of the Quran in one column along with its commentary in the second column; they could read the translation of the Quran in one column along with its commentary in the second column and make notes in the third column. They could also refer to the other resources like free downloadable pdf books, ebooks and podcasts in the third column.

By creating an account you personalised your experience of reading the Quran. You can save and make notes while reading the Quran and can access your personal notes, favourites, highlights, and history later one. (Sign in required)

The readers can bookmark their favourite passages, mark the current passage and continue reading it later on or browse through previously bookmarked passages. (Sign in required)

The readers can access their personal notes or critical thoughts through this feature whenever they like. They will be saved there as long as they have an active account. They also have access to a lot many other features such as changing the font, font style, adding bullet points or quotation marks to name a few. (Sign in required)

In this section, the readers can browse through a variety of additional resources like free downloadable pdf books, ebooks, and podcasts about the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, Islam and spirituality. There is also a section on children’s books on the Quran and Sirah stories. All these available resources are free to read, download and share. (Sign in required for some content)